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  • Vegan Veggie Mac-n-Cheese Sauce

    Vegan Veggie Mac-n-Cheese Sauce

    I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to FINALLY have a finished ratio of ingredients for the dairy-free mac-n-cheese sauce that I KNOW my daughter will like time after time. For parents who have children with picky tastebuds and texture preferences, these types of go-tos can be lifesavers in the kitchen! This particular…

  • Squashy Mac-N-Cheese

    Squashy Mac-N-Cheese

    Imagine this: A mac-n-cheese alternative that tastes good AND is free of all of this::: Nuts. Dairy. Eggs. Meat. Soy. Corn. Gluten. Wheat. Grain. I made it happen one night at dinner. I’ll be honest… I felt like a kitchen-super-mom when my husband even approved of the final outcome during the “taste test.” Seriously… where’s…