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  • Andes Mint Smoothie

    Andes Mint Smoothie

    One of my favorite youth memories resides at the Olive Garden chain restaurant. After gobbling up as many breadsticks, “Olive Garden Salad” and minestrone soup that my tummy could handle, I’d top it off with as many of the Andes mints I could snatch, then somehow manage to pocket away more on the way out…

  • Vegan Mango Lassie

    Vegan Mango Lassie

    This recipe started as a spin on a delicious shake in traditional Indian cuisine. I find it to make the perfect sip for transitioning to “EVERYTHING IS PUMPKIN SPICE” season, while still residing in a hot, semi-tropical climate. The key spice in this recipe is CARDAMOM! This singular use of a warming “carminative” provides a…