Keep spreading love by treating yourself to a unique opportunity offered only once a month by Minahan Creative! This week after Valentine’s Day! Try a PAMPERED Purple Carrot Meal for Two. This plant-based meal will be prepared, portioned, chilled and ready for pick-up in a reusable BPA-free take out box!

This week’s menu listed here: These go fast! First Come… First Serve! (more…)

Aged Cascara Sagrada Bark

Did you know that bitterness, agitation, and anger in Chinese Medicine go hand in hand with weak digestion and overall liver/gallbladder function? Some terms come to mind that I’ve heard before: “Being emotionally constipated” or “Diahrrea of the Mouth” …. (Can I hear an amen?) Dealing with this normal human emotion healthfully includes supporting and addressing our body, not just our mind, soul, and spirit. ¬†An often-neglected balancing measure for nutritionally addressing anger/bitterness is coincidentally with BITTER herbs … how serendipitous! (more…)


Who doesn’t love to knock two projects out at one time? This recipe yields a smooth and creamy milk and uses the leftover pulp quickly. The sprouted almonds also provide more nutrient absorption potential and less digestive work than traditionally-served vegan dairy substitutes. This basic milk AND cheese hold a moldable consistency to adjust as desired, from a thick half-and-half creamer, to regular milk texture, “ricotta cheese” spread for lasagna recipes or feta crumbles for salads…. not to mention the endless creative and flavorful fun of added seasonings. (more…)

Of all the “rabbit holes” to vortex into,  I am fascinated in the rabbit hole of the Dr. Sebi approach to healing dis-eases with specific herbs and nutrition.  As a pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, naturalist, and “Celebrity Healer” … his methodology for eradicating illnesses continues to yield positive results for many individuals with common ailments in Western society (cancer, heart disease, arthritis, digestive ailments….). His lifestyle recommendations prove especially beneficial to those of African or Caribbean ancestral roots. (“African BioMineral Health”).


This particular recipe ratio has been so cherished by family and friends, that I have grown heaps of basil in my garden…. primarily JUST for this spicy pesto perfection (as pictured above).

In today’s society and environmental conditions, humans are more susceptible now than ever before for bacterial, fungal and parasitic invasions within the gut! These invasions become hidden culprits of a wide variety of digestive and inflammatory conditions.   (more…)