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MC Wellness Products

For October, savor apple season with flavorful spiced apple hemp muffins. Customize your order with any wheat, sugar or nut restrictions. Vegan. Organic.

Allergens: Contains Coconut

$20 cash per Baker’s Dozen

$25 Venmo / Card

A traditional chai blend consciously combined with chaga powder and other gut healing herbs for a distinct, flavorful taste with healing properties.

Cost: $15

Add fresh flavor to your meals with basil; grow on your kitchen counter, or transfer to aeroponic or soil garden.

Cost: $10 per bowl; local pickup only

Enjoy the flavor of hot chocolate while combating stress, fatigue, and boosting the immune system. Sweetened with monk fruit, made with raw cacao.

Cost: $10 per 8oz.

Combat the cold & flu season with powerful elderberry combined with fever-reducing herbs, for a cooling berry flavor. Convenient droppers for on-the-go wellness

Cost: $25 per bottle

A synergistic blend of nutrient-dense herbs to support the body’s overall hormonal & structural development, carefully crafted to support the needs of growing kids!

Cost: $25 per bottle

A synergistic blend of nutrient-dense herbs to support the male & female reproductive system. Contains essential nutrients for the liver, bone, hair & skin health. A female uterine tonic. Includes a reusable tea sachet.

Cost: $15 per bag

Lowcountry honeysuckle paired with immune boosting herbs. Supports headache, memory, mood, digestion, and urinary system.

Cost: $25

Avoid harsh soaps on the scalp, and truly rejuvenate, refresh, cleanse and restore your scalp and hair health with gentle hair tea cleansing.

Cost: $15

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