Pinkalicious is an adorable book series for children that my daughters enjoy. Now, as a mother, I’m always in search of making fresh, nutritious foods an exciting and positive experience for my children, something that most moms hope for their kids! Each smoothie below can coordinate with a different book from this cute book series, and is flexible for varying budgets! The base ingredients alone (before the add-ins) taste wonderful alone and offer important nutrition needed for humans of all ages and stages. (more…)

Call me a kid, but I really like to have dips and spreads on hand in my fridge. This dip boasts a bloody hue (Boo!) and has a similar texture and flavor to hummus (perfect for Costume party food!).  Since I am a big advocate for creativity, I encourage you to experiment in the seasoning department! (My favorite is cumin and cayenne!) Comment below to share how you customized the flavor!

I re-visited and re-named this recipe as I was preparing for some Autumnal Halloween fun in the community and in the home. Bring this to your next Costume party with some veggies! ….. I guarantee that some friends will appreciate you bringing a nourishing dish, considering the many sugary foods being tossed around! (more…)

I don’t how or why I decided to throw this smoothie concoction together, but it immediately became a “top-hit” in the smoothie department in our home! The powerful digestive benefits of lemon, ginger & capsicum (cayenne pepper) wrapped in a beautiful pineapple-packaged flavor create a perfect start to your morning… (more…)