Did you know that bitterness, agitation, and anger in Chinese Medicine go hand in hand with weak digestion and overall liver/gallbladder function? Some terms come to mind that I’ve heard before: “Being emotionally constipated” or “Diahrrea of the Mouth” …. (Can I hear an amen?) Dealing with this normal human emotion healthfully includes supporting and addressing our body, not just our mind, soul, and spirit.  An often-neglected balancing measure for nutritionally addressing anger/bitterness is coincidentally with BITTER herbs … how serendipitous! (more…)

My recent dive into learning the art and practice of colon hydrotherapy has been quite the journey (and I’m just getting started!).  The opportunity fell on my lap during somewhat of a stall in my own life, holistically speaking.  Since I’m on the topic of colon health… and stalling in life, let me explain how they correlate: stalling in life is like constipation is it not?… An emotional stall in life AND/OR physical constipation can create these symptoms: (more…)

In today’s world it’s not easy for the fungus not to be among us! This junk will linger dormant in our bodies, waiting to show its gnarly little face when we encounter times of chronic stress, emotional struggles, or if we decide to improve our health and eliminate toxins from our body. The big question is, how and where is this yucky stuff gonna come out? The most simplistic and common way the body tries to purge itself of fungus is through the largest eliminative organ in our body: THE SKIN! (Ewe!). Rashes, hives, athletes foot, yeast infections, thrush, acne, kerotis pilaris… and even canker sores can be placed under the vast umbrella of fungus and candida. (more…)

Written by Michelle Minahan Thompson, R.N. and Jessica Minahan White, CHC

Omega-3′s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s and 9’s are called “Essential Fatty Acids”. This means that our bodies cannot produce them on its own and we must source them through our food intake. While too much fat in our bodies can contribute to a wide range of possible health complications, a proper ratio of Omega 3’s to 6’s fatty acids has a positive effect on our bodies, such as preventing arthritis, psoriasis, promoting proper eye and brain health, cardiovascular health, preventing diabetes, (more…)

One common concern when following a plant based diet, free of dairy, is CALCIUM. Of course my calcium concern arose with my entrance into childbearing years, but should be a point of thought for every American. America after all rates top in the world for osteoporosis!

We need calcium for more than just building and maintaining healthy bones… calcium is used in the body to contract and dilate blood vessels, and is vital in the process of muscle contraction.  Lack of adequate calcium INTAKE, ASSIMILATION, or ABSORPTION  overtime will force your body to pull calcium from your bones to keep your blood vessels and muscles working properly…. [with a side effect of fragile bones and increased osteoporosis risk… yikes!]. (more…)

I love to use my juicer. In fact, so does my husband. On my recent maternity leave, I taught him how to use the juicer. He was hooked! I’ll never forget the line: “I love this power tool thingy right in the kitchen!” My favorite items to juice in my juicer are those green vegetables that I don’t otherwise necessarily enjoy eating raw… celery, parsley, beets, kale, dandelion greens are among my top-used juicing ingredients. If you own a juicer, consider yourself LUCKY. Don’t let it sit un-used!

Making Time to Juice

Between jobs, social life, family, and housework, pulling out a juicer and concocting a health beverage that sometimes doesn’t even taste great may not sound fun OR ideal. (more…)

Mastitis is one of those infections that you just don’t want to have as a breastfeeding mother. I’m pleading with you new moms: DON’T GET IT! IT SUCKS… (literally). Preventing mastitis can be as simple as general breastfeeding “maintenance” staples; nursing (or pumping) regularly, ensuring proper latch, proper bras, checking for clogged ducts… the basics really. But keeping up with that gets harder to remember with each new member of the family! I got swooped with my first case of it with my 3rd born.  Below I am sharing a simple, budget-friendly methods to help take care of that mastitis quickly, effectively, and without the use of allopathic antibiotics. It worked for me! (more…)

This soup was inspired by my daughter’s encounter with strep throat. It was our first time dealing with strep in our household. As usual, I immediately sought out supporting remedies that Nature had to offer me. Almost every vegetable listed in this recipe contains healing properties for not only the strep bacteria, but many other common viruses and illnesses. The bonus? … it’s delicious, soothing to any irritated throat and perfect for a cold Winter’s day. A Family Favorite for sure, and a kind gesture to make for friends and neighbors who may be struggling with sickness! (more…)