Written by Michelle Minahan Thompson, R.N. and Jessica Minahan White, CHC

Omega-3′s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s and 9’s are called “Essential Fatty Acids”. This means that our bodies cannot produce them on its own and we must source them through our food intake. While too much fat in our bodies can contribute to a wide range of possible health complications, a proper ratio of Omega 3’s to 6’s fatty acids has a positive effect on our bodies, such as preventing arthritis, psoriasis, promoting proper eye and brain health, cardiovascular health, preventing diabetes, (more…)

I’m not gonna lie. I love chocolate. My daughters love chocolate. My husband loves chocolate. We are also somewhat health-conscious, yet always searching for budget-savvy ways to get a chocolate fix that isn’t detrimental to our health (or my daughters’ behavior!). This is how our Crazy Cocoa Bites came into existence….

  • Simple ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Easy to make
  • Easy to involve the kids


One common concern when following a plant based diet, free of dairy, is CALCIUM. Of course my calcium concern arose with my entrance into childbearing years, but should be a point of thought for every American. America after all rates top in the world for osteoporosis!

We need calcium for more than just building and maintaining healthy bones… calcium is used in the body to contract and dilate blood vessels, and is vital in the process of muscle contraction.  Lack of adequate calcium INTAKE, ASSIMILATION, or ABSORPTION  overtime will force your body to pull calcium from your bones to keep your blood vessels and muscles working properly…. [with a side effect of fragile bones and increased osteoporosis risk… yikes!]. (more…)

I like to go to town when I finally get a chance to pull out my juicer amidst the craziness of work, housework and parenting. Below I’m sharing with you my favorite juicing ingredients! They can be mix-matched, and no specific ratio is necessary to achieve a healthy, nourishing, revitalizing health beverage!!

Celery: hydration, re-mineralization, decrease in salt cravings

Parsley: for kidney health; also simultaneously nourishes the liver

Spinach: Great source of Vitamin C, Iron, Folate and chlorophyll

Kale: Vitamin K (K1), Minerals, and chlorophyll

Green Apples: Nourish the gallbladder and liver, green apples are the best fruit to combine with your green juice to keep digestion smooth, and bypass any bloating, fermentation, or gas! (more…)

I love to use my juicer. In fact, so does my husband. On my recent maternity leave, I taught him how to use the juicer. He was hooked! I’ll never forget the line: “I love this power tool thingy right in the kitchen!” My favorite items to juice in my juicer are those green vegetables that I don’t otherwise necessarily enjoy eating raw… celery, parsley, beets, kale, dandelion greens are among my top-used juicing ingredients. If you own a juicer, consider yourself LUCKY. Don’t let it sit un-used!

Making Time to Juice

Between jobs, social life, family, and housework, pulling out a juicer and concocting a health beverage that sometimes doesn’t even taste great may not sound fun OR ideal. (more…)

My daughter loves to drink this milk as a bedtime snack. In essence it is a watered down smoothie, but that’s pretty much what all plant-based milks are anyways, aren’t they?

This recipe ratio seems to be just right for a creamy texture; one that could serve as a perfect bedtime soothing drink, and then coffee/tea creamer the very next morning. (more…)

Don’t be intimidated by the title. This dairy free nutritious milk contains simple ingredients and is easier to make than processed mac-n-cheese! You will need a high speed blender and some sort of nut milk bag. In fact, if you’re lazy like me at times, you can get away with skipping the nut milk bag step altogether.

Loaded with Alpha-linolenic-acids, a type of Omega-3 fatty acid, hemp seeds
and flax seeds promote (more…)

Mastitis is one of those infections that you just don’t want to have as a breastfeeding mother. I’m pleading with you new moms: DON’T GET IT! IT SUCKS… (literally). Preventing mastitis can be as simple as general breastfeeding “maintenance” staples; nursing (or pumping) regularly, ensuring proper latch, proper bras, checking for clogged ducts… the basics really. But keeping up with that gets harder to remember with each new member of the family! I got swooped with my first case of it with my 3rd born.  Below I am sharing a simple, budget-friendly methods to help take care of that mastitis quickly, effectively, and without the use of allopathic antibiotics. It worked for me! (more…)

Pinkalicious is an adorable book series for children that my daughters enjoy. Now, as a mother, I’m always in search of making fresh, nutritious foods an exciting and positive experience for my children, something that most moms hope for their kids! Each smoothie below can coordinate with a different book from this cute book series, and is flexible for varying budgets! The base ingredients alone (before the add-ins) taste wonderful alone and offer important nutrition needed for humans of all ages and stages. (more…)

Call me a kid, but I really like to have dips and spreads on hand in my fridge. This dip boasts a bloody hue (Boo!) and has a similar texture and flavor to hummus (perfect for Costume party food!).  Since I am a big advocate for creativity, I encourage you to experiment in the seasoning department! (My favorite is cumin and cayenne!) Comment below to share how you customized the flavor!

I re-visited and re-named this recipe as I was preparing for some Autumnal Halloween fun in the community and in the home. Bring this to your next Costume party with some veggies! ….. I guarantee that some friends will appreciate you bringing a nourishing dish, considering the many sugary foods being tossed around! (more…)