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  • Salsa: Sebi Style

    Salsa: Sebi Style

    Of all the “rabbit holes” to vortex into,  I am fascinated in the rabbit hole of the Dr. Sebi approach to healing dis-eases with specific herbs and nutrition.  As a pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, naturalist, and “Celebrity Healer” … his methodology for eradicating illnesses continues to yield positive results for many individuals with common ailments in…

  • Pepito Pesto (with a Punch)

    Pepito Pesto (with a Punch)

    Updated Recipe! As of April 2020 A fresh batch of pesto seems to be quite a crowd-pleasing condiment. Why not “kick it up a notch” and make that pesto cruelty-free, allergen-friendly with medicinal properties? This recipe delivers nutrients, parasite-killing action and has great flavor! In today’s society and environmental conditions, humans are more susceptible now than…

  • Raw Vegan Cashew Mayonnaise

    Raw Vegan Cashew Mayonnaise

    When my daughter started loving the flavor and consistency of mayonnaise, I got creative in my kitchen with cashews and made my own, without fancy ingredients. I have read a few other recipes and tried this in the past, but never for a seven year old. My goal was to disguise the fact that it…

  • Raw Vegan Taco Meat

    Raw Vegan Taco Meat

    Adapted from a collard wrap recipe by Raw and Radiant, this light and healthy taco meat alternative boasts a fabulous texture and flavor! Use this low fat, raw vegan filling for your next “Taco Tuesday” night!

  • Blueberry Baby Blend

    Blueberry Baby Blend

    My third born has no trouble expressing which baby food blend she loves. From her excitement over this simple blend of fruits, I decided to share on my blog! This sweet combination stores well in the refrigerator, has a favorable texture, and its sweet flavor makes feeding your baby powdered nutritives / herbs simple and…

  • Having the Guts to Heal our Heart

    Having the Guts to Heal our Heart

    My recent dive into learning the art and practice of colon hydrotherapy has been quite the journey (and I’m just getting started!).  The opportunity fell on my lap during somewhat of a stall in my own life, holistically speaking.  Since I’m on the topic of colon health… and stalling in life, let me explain how…

  • Holiday Spiced Cultured Vegetables

    Holiday Spiced Cultured Vegetables

    Confession: I despise cold weather.  Every winter, I consider uprooting my family and moving to the tropics for this reason. Yet, there is something positive about the Fall and Winter, and that is the delicious spices of the season!  This recipe has a unique twist of carminative spices like cinnamon, clove and a big punch…

  • Persinnamon Freezer Fudge

    Persinnamon Freezer Fudge

    I love the texture of this chocolate vegan freezer fudge that seems to be a family favorite in our house.  However, with Winter brewing, and persimmons and warming spices all around, I was inspired to try this new fudge idea, and also find an alternative to using cacao. For my taste buds it turned out…

  • Getting Grounded Green Juice

    Getting Grounded Green Juice

    “Change is the only constant.” – Heraclitus Every time change comes, our bodies need grounding things inside us and around us to keep us more stable and secure in spite of whatever uncontrollable situation(s) around us.  It is my opinion that mineral and nervous system weaknesses can easily become exasperated in times of change or…

  • Acute Skin Rash Remedies

    Acute Skin Rash Remedies

    In today’s world it’s not easy for the fungus not to be among us! This junk will linger dormant in our bodies, waiting to show its gnarly little face when we encounter times of chronic stress, emotional struggles, or if we decide to improve our health and eliminate toxins from our body. The big question…