Sharing information, thoughts and recipes that promote holistic health and wellbeing.  You will find 2 main recipe categories: (other than “all recipes” of course!)

  • “Living Food Recipes:” These recipes are 95-100% raw vegan creations, with a few exceptions such as vinegar or cashews. Additional information is given at the top of each recipe for those looking for “salt free” or “oil free” or “low” or “no” fat options.
  • “Transitional Recipes:” These recipes are intended for those seeking a vegan twist on what many consider “comfort-foods;” great for those who are still transitioning to a high-raw-lifestyle, for special occasions, or grounding meals that will keep you from sabotaging your cleaning eating goals or detoxification journey. I promise, a homemade blueberry muffin is much better than a store-bought, processed muffin from Starbucks!

I also added a “Remedies” category, to share my own “hands-on” experiences in naturally caring for common ailments during childbearing and child-rearing years.

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