Jessica Minahan White holds a passion for making life beautiful in all ways. From an early age her love for the piano and singing was evident, and fostered by her mother and at her local church. Her musical passion continued to grow alongside her high school hobby of nutritional research and creating healthy twists to common recipes. She began composing and arranging on the piano at the age of fifteen, and performing them one year later in competitions, festivals, and other similar opportunities.

After high school she continued her pursuits in music, receiving education on piano pedagogy and earning a piano performance certification through the Royal Conservatory of Music. With an ear for good music, her musical experiences in the Holy City of Charleston range from Classical to Church music, music theater, jazz, and variety shows. Her album “Grace Notes” (2016) is a culmination of her musical influences for the first twenty-five years of her life.

After the birth of her firstborn daughter, her former interest in nutrition revitalized, and she eventually studied holistic family health through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute as a certified health coach (2014). She specializes in inspiring others to add more plant-based nutrition and medicines into their wellness routine on any budget, helps individuals transition to a vegan lifestyle, and offers tips for traditional herbal medicine as a newly certified herbalist (2019). Jessica is a proud mother of three girls, and claims they inspire her daily to joyfully pursue and experience all of life’s beauty.

Jessica’s projects in the area of music and holistic health remain endless, just as any art form should. Be sure to follow her site for updates on her creations and collaborations.


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