Just Breathe

Because our living ceases with our breath, we are all technically breatharians.  This term, “breatharian”, becomes easily associated with quacky and crazy nature lovers who sit under trees half-naked meditating all day.  However, just the thought of going 2 minutes with no accessible air to breathe would scare anyone. Humans can go many hours with no food or water, but air poses a threat to life that almost no other substance or being can feat.  What we breathe in will fill not only our lungs, but every living cell within us, including our minds.

Thoughts consumed with anxiety, fear, worry or distress will turn the precious gift of air into something strained, acidic, and less alkaline. Thankfully however, minds fixed on good, lovely, and just will amplify the beauty of breath and infiltrate to every part of the body.  Knowing this truth hopefully will bring about a great esteem, attention and value to what we breathe and how we breathe.   

So many times we focus on the external, pleasurable, tangible, and sensorial elements that can contribute to our personal wellness or healing journey, but breathing seems to be put on the ‘back burner.’ Why is this? Perhaps because we have received this free and easily accessible gift from the moment we were born.  Most of us do not stop to give thanks for the air we breathe, nor consider the elements that hinder the quality of that air.  

Next time you take a breath in, no matter where you are, give thanks as you breathe out.  If we can be thankful for something as seemingly mindless yet vital as breathable air, how much more can our graciousness increase with each step we take, each soul we encounter, each meal we receive, and any other gift we receive.   

Happy Healing! 

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh

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