Healing with Hydrotherapy

Pure water has enormous cleansing benefits, internally and externally. There is also an element of stability that water brings us, despite it’s constant movement. The consistency of water’s ever-changing movement reminds us that the only consistent guaranteed to us in life is change. Ever-flowing water has the ability to move stagnation out of our emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.

At times when we must embrace all the change that life brings us, water can facilitate stability amidst the change and inner and/or outer chaos we experience. Water moves with us, for us, often times to us, and keeps obstructions out of the way of our healing journey.

Below are some recommended resources for hydrotherapy: 

  • The Beach 
  • Swimming in natural bodies of water 
  • Colon Hydrotherapy 
  • Water Fasting 
  • Netti Pot (Nasal Irrigation with water) 
  • Warm bath 
  • Cryotherapy
  • Steam Sauna
  • Hydromassage Beds

Try some hydrotherapy in any form with what time you are able, and reap it’s benefits today! 

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