Having the Guts to Heal our Heart

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My recent dive into learning the art and practice of colon hydrotherapy has been quite the journey (and I’m just getting started!).  The opportunity fell on my lap during somewhat of a stall in my own life, holistically speaking.  Since I’m on the topic of colon health… and stalling in life, let me explain how they correlate: stalling in life is like constipation is it not?… An emotional stall in life AND/OR physical constipation can create these symptoms:

  • slow you down from where you’re trying to go (literally and figuratively speaking)
  • make you feel a little (or a lot) uncomfortable, like you’re just not quite yourself.
  • give you brain fog and inability to think clearly to make confident decisions
  • For composers and writers: cause writer’s or artist’s block
  • heighten moodiness, restlessness, suppressed / wavering / confused emotions; often leading to a distant and closed off heart with an inability to clearly communicate feelings and thoughts.

How the Gut Relates to the Heart

A truly interesting facet of cleansing the large intestine (colon) occurs when Chinese Medical philosophy is integrated into the picture.  In a nutshell, each body organ in Chinese Medicine has a corresponding organ which both carry an emotional constitution as well. As pictured below, the large intestines and lungs pair together along with feelings of sadness, grief, crying and introverted emotions.  Food digests first in the small intestine before it travels down to finish the elimination process through the large intestine …. so what happens when the large intestine becomes clogged?… the small intestine also backs up, storing even MORE unwanted matter AND more suppressed emotions. And what do you know…?!… The small intestine pairs with the HEART and emotions of happiness, laughter, mirth and joy (or lack thereof). So now you see how our heart chakra/center CAN re-awaken and heal when we start caring for our colon, which in turn emotionally creates the space needed for laughter, joy, and happiness to be reborn and flow freely again from our hearts.

At first, pain and dis-ease will often encumber and pour out of our physical, spiritual and emotional bodies in order to fully experience true healing needed to thrive again.

Healing the physical gut requires changing dietary habits (sometimes drastically) that can be difficult to make initially…. BUT in my experience, the emotional side of healing is the most INTENSE, wearisome and EXHAUSTING part of the journey.  Our heart can become numbed, damaged and clogged from the unhealthy thoughts we feed it, and the toxic environment (or people) we surround ourselves with regularly. Be ready for QUITE the ride when you choose to truly cleanse this side of your health. To deeply and thoroughly heal we must address the physical, spiritual, and emotional body as a whole unit.

So the question remains: Do you have the GUTS to truly heal your heart? If you’re not sure where to start, now you know how the colon can be a beautiful place to start!

Sometimes the most difficult journeys we are willing to face become the most rewarding in the end.

Happy Healing!!

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