Ultimate Green Juice

I like to go to town when I finally get a chance to pull out my juicer amidst the craziness of work, housework and parenting. Below I’m sharing with you my favorite juicing ingredients! They can be mix-matched, and no specific ratio is necessary to achieve a healthy, nourishing, revitalizing health beverage!!

Celery: hydration, re-mineralization, decrease in salt cravings

Parsley: for kidney health; also simultaneously nourishes the liver

Spinach: Great source of Vitamin C, Iron, Folate and chlorophyll

Kale: Vitamin K (K1), Minerals, and chlorophyll

Green Apples: Nourish the gallbladder and liver, green apples are the best fruit to combine with your green juice to keep digestion smooth, and bypass any bloating, fermentation, or gas!

Ginger: Aids circulation, digestion, has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-spasmatic, calms nausea and bloating

Lemons: Full of antioxidants, aids digestion, good source of Vitamin C, promotes alkaline environment, scrubs digestive tract from start to finish!

Beets: Excellent source of iron phosphate, nourishes the blood and entire circulatory system

Dandelion Greens: for safe, gentle liver detoxification and support. Also nourishes the kidneys. Excellent source of iron and calcium

With supermarket availability and pricing in  mind, the recipe ingredients below seems to be my staple, (although I sometimes will really boost it up and add ALL the ingredients listed above!) MONEY SAVING TIP: BUY IN BULK!! (I use Costco)


(Budget Friendly)

4 bunches of Celery

5-6 Green Apples

2 large handfuls Spinach

1 bunch Parsley (curly or flat)

3-4 lemons (or ¼ cup fresh lemon juice not from concentrate)

3″ knob of ginger (Asian markets often sell ginger for cheaper than traditional grocers)

To prepare for the juicer: Thoroughly cleanse the celery, lemons apples, and spinach. Cut apple flesh away from core, remove skin from ginger, and slice the lemons in half (for a less strong lemon flavor and gentler digestive properties, peel the lemons from their skin).

Juice and Enjoy! Makes roughy 42 ounces or more.




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