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I love to use my juicer. In fact, so does my husband. On my recent maternity leave, I taught him how to use the juicer. He was hooked! I’ll never forget the line: “I love this power tool thingy right in the kitchen!” My favorite items to juice in my juicer are those green vegetables that I don’t otherwise necessarily enjoy eating raw… celery, parsley, beets, kale, dandelion greens are among my top-used juicing ingredients. If you own a juicer, consider yourself LUCKY. Don’t let it sit un-used!

Making Time to Juice

Between jobs, social life, family, and housework, pulling out a juicer and concocting a health beverage that sometimes doesn’t even taste great may not sound fun OR ideal. In fact, it often is not necessarily fun, but it is IDEAL for your body! (CONFESSION I WOULD RATHER JUICE THAN FOLD LAUNDRY!!!!) Juicing can also become therapeutic to you overtime, as it has for me, and you get better and more efficient each time you use it.  When you start experiencing and loving its benefits, you will start to make time. TIP: Choose a less-chaotic day for your juicing experiments. Buy your produce in bulk and get cranking! I make a LOT of juice when I pull mine out, and freeze in individual bags or into cute ice pops. This allows me to benefit from juicing long after my “juicing session!”

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Benefits of Juicing

Of course, the benefits of juicing somewhat vary according to the ingredients being used. When it comes to my juice, I naturally gravitate towards produce that improves liver and kidney function. (Check out my Ultimate Juice Recipe). You can count on these benefits across the board in the following ways when it comes to juicing any fresh produce!…

  • stimulates improved digestion
  • quickly delivers nutrients and minerals to the body
  • provides quick “crash-free” energy
  • promotes an alkaline environment
  • easy to take on-the-go
  • boosts mood
  • quick way to add more raw foods into your life
  • among the best nutrition support for women in childbearing years!

Without getting into the emotional and psychological benefits of a juicing regimen, today I will just point to the mere physical benefits of juicing, and encourage you to start adding fresh pressed juice into your healthy lifestyle routine! I follow a few “juicing gurus” on social media to help keep me motivated, such as @jonny_juicer and @fullyrawkristina.

Be the change you wish to see… in every aspectyour life.  Even something as small as adding a juicing routine can reap bountifully more than you sow, as Mother Nature often does for her inhabitants!

What keeps you motivated to juice? Comment below!


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