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  • Goldenrod: A Winter Weed You Need

    Goldenrod seems to be found all over the place every Autumn, with bright yellow, drooping tops billowing over it’s strong green stem. It is found abundantly in fields, neighborhoods, yards, highways, and more. Most people see this as a weed in their yard, but it’s beneficial properties make it worth…

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  • Red Dyes: Dishing the Dirt

    Red Dyes: Dishing the Dirt

    THE DIRTY TRUTH ABOUT RED DYE NO. 3 AND OTHER FOOD ADDITIVES California’s Red Dye No. 3 ban swept not only Skittles off the shelves,…

  • Easy Vegan Zucchini Muffins

    Easy Vegan Zucchini Muffins

    This recipe was inspired by my recent collaboration with a beautiful Trappist Monastery in South Carolina, and receiving an abundance of seasonal harvest from their…

  • Supporting Strep

    Supporting Strep

    As a child, I remember the dreadful week of doom when a sore throat turned into a fever and a positive strep throat culture test.…

  • Andes Mint Smoothie

    Andes Mint Smoothie

    One of my favorite youth memories resides at the Olive Garden chain restaurant. After gobbling up as many breadsticks, “Olive Garden Salad” and minestrone soup…

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I’m Jane, the creator and author behind this blog. I’m a minimalist and simple living enthusiast who has dedicated her life to living with less and finding joy in the simple things.

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